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School of Ministerial Education


The mission of the Texas Northeast First Academy for Ministerial Education is to train ministry aspirants for ordination and licensing.  In addition, the Academy seeks to provide an opportunity to hone and sharpen the skills of students already involved in ministry.


It is imperative that the Ministers, Elders, Pastors, and Missionaries receive information for personal development and continued education.  The staff of instructors, in concert with Bishop Hornsby’s vision, endeavors to empower not only Pastors, Elders, and Missionaries, but also Bible Teachers and all Christian Church Workers meet their holistic needs: personal, financial, spiritual, professional, and academic.

additional information
Texas Northeast First Academy for Ministerial Education (TXFAME) offers annual spring classes.

How do I enroll?

Click here to download the application. Save the application before filling it out.

If you have any question about enrolling in the Academy, contact the Registrar, Superintendent Jesse L. Carter, II, at

  • Application, Background Check, and Sexual Misconduct Training, for the current calendar year, must be completed and/or submitted to the Registrar.


  • Orientation attendance

  • Admission is on a first come first serve basis.  Minimum class size is 12, maximum class size is 25. 

All admission exceptions must be approved by the Dean.

requirements for admission

“Preparing trained spiritual workers to labor in the Master’s vineyard”

academy for ministerial education


Bishop James Hornsby, Prelate


Superintendent Charles R. Beard

Jurisdictional Administrative Assistant, Dean

Superintendent Jesse L. Carter, II


Superintendent Alvin Grissom


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Superintendent Charles R. Beard, Jurisdictional Administrative Assistant

Church History

Elder Chris Davis

Bible Study Methods, Speech & Grammar

Superintendent Alvin Grissom

Pastoral Administration & Leadership, Bible Survey (Old & New Testament)

Pastor H. B. Horn

Old & New Testament Scriptures

Pastor Joe Starks

Bible Doctrine

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